Application Guidelines

The application should include a sample of the artist’s previous work according to the following guidelines:

  • Completed application form, with original signature.  (Please ensure the email address submitted with your application is current. The Brandon Arts Council will send correspondence, funding agreements, and grant notifications to the email address indicated on the application.)
  • Letter of intent (1-2 pp), outlining the nature of the project, the qualifications of the applicant(s), and detailed list of supporting materials submitted.
  • Proof of emerging professional or practicing professional artist status, through resumes, samples of previous work, reviews and/or awards (10-12 pp maximum, in the case of written material only; less than that if multimedia materials are included).  Letters from professional peers may be included in the case of emerging artists who wish to supplement their work samples with a professional evaluation of their achievement and potential.  Keep your submissions focused andrelevant,bearing in mind that the granting jury has to read numerous submissions.
  • Sample of the proposed project, if available.
  • Project timeline and budget.

All written material should be presented on standard white paper, one side only, numbered, unstapled.  All other supporting material should be clearly labeled, and should be set to the pertinent part of the project for easy and quick reference by the granting jury.  Supporting materials in multimedia format must be submitted according to the specifications below.

No applications will be accepted by email or fax.  Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of supporting materials.

Only one proposal may be submitted to the Brandon Arts Council at any given time, and applicants may hold only one Brandon Arts Council grant at a time. The Brandon Arts Council must receive a satisfactory final report on an outstanding grant before a new application can be submitted. Please note that it is the artist’s responsibility to submit this final report.

Applicants must use the application forms that are provided for the programs to which they are applying. The contents of applications to the Brandon Arts Council are confidential and the names of unsuccessful applicants are not released. Brandon Arts Council juries are made up of appointed professional practicing artists.  Juries do not provide feed­back to awarded or declined applicants.

Final Report Guidelines

Final reports for projects must be submitted within six weeks of the project closing date.  Final reports should include narrative confirmation of the successful completion of the project, description of any significant changes from the original proposal (such changes must be minor only, in order to retain eligibility of grant funding) and final budget.  We do not require financial receipts, but we reserve the right to request them for further information.

Supporting Materials Specifications

Please ensure you carefully review the supporting materials specifications listed on this website before submitting your application.

All documents and supporting materials may be mailed to:

Brandon Arts Council
Professional Artists Granting Program
Faculty of Music
Brandon University
Brandon, MB
R7A 6A9